Sustainable innovation, uniqueness,
social wellbeing, know-how.

These are the keywords we seek in the projects we support, as we firmly believe that good ideas can change the world.


Elysia Capital is named after a small sea snail, Elysia chlorotica, which lives in the waters of the Atlantic Ocean. This snail is unique because it is the only animal in the world capable of performing photosynthesis like a plant, using cellular organelles from the algae it eats. Hence, it is also called the “solar-powered snail”, a creature that symbolizes sustainable innovation and uniqueness.

For Life-Changing Ideas

Certain intuitions are unique. They possess the power of enhancing community life, and of gradually bringing about genuine, positive and concrete changes. We believe that ideas intended to improve the wellbeing of society, even the most brilliant, need significant support to be developed and be turned into “life-changing ideas”. Elysia Capital wants to be a key player in the development of projects that stand out in the fields of innovation, social impact, wellbeing, education, art and culture.


We believe in the value of know-how, in expertise and in teamwork. The best way of identifying potentially successful companies is to focus on the people we invest in and work with us. Enhancing community life is giving individuals a central role and encouraging an exchange of skills.